The Sea / The Sky

There is extraordinary capacity for beauty in the sea and in the sky. Often the dialogue between those two planes is delightful.

I like the vastness of the sea; the movement in the water.

I like the depth of the sky; the colours behind the darkness.

Applecross Bay.
Flat calm at Kildonan, Arran.
Three minutes at 1am. Looking from Kildonan on Arran to the lighthouses on Ailsa Craig (L) and Pladda (R).
Bhalasaigh, Lewis.
The Outer Hebrides from Neist Point on Skye.
Clouds rushing past the moon in the middle of the night. Bhalasaigh, Lewis.
The vast beach at Uig, Lewis.
The horizon alight. Near Inverardoch, Doune.
Sunlight driving through the clouds at Calanais, Lewis.
Cille Bhrighde, South Uist.
Looking towards Eriskay.  Long exposure at midnight, from Cille Bhrighde, South Uist.
Three layers of light, from the west edge of Skye.
The Silvery Tay, from the Dundee Law.
Latent hostility; the sky bearing down on the sea. From Neist Point on Skye.



74 thoughts on “The Sea / The Sky”

      1. Hey! First off: I’m glad you noticed my name 😛. Second: I’m a new blogger around here and I would love to get some advice. What according to you is the most important thing you need for blogging?
        Thanks in advance 😊

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      2. Hello. Hmm… I’m not sure to be honest. I would probably say the most important thing is having a clear idea as to what you want to say, or show – and a passion for that subject that will keep you motivated. Regarding building up a readership, the most important thing is patience – it takes time to build up followers. Post your work on the Community Pool, and try to share your work on other platforms – possibly targeting specifically individuals or organisations you think might be interested.

        Good luck, I hope it goes well!

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  1. Wow… Gorgeous! I love the Hebrides, they really are a special place for me, specifically Skye, I have been going with my girlfriend yearly now!

    And the photos you take are amazing!

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  2. I love the long exposures. I don’t know enough to try that yet, I’ve recently been given an old SLR to play with to see if I actually want to go further with it. I haven’t been able to use it much because of shoulder problems but these are the kind of pictures I long to take.

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