21 Beautiful Things

On the first day of this new year, 2021, here are 21 beautiful things. In no particular order and with no particular message, other than to say; Happy New Year.

Flower, Funchal Botanic Gardens, Madeira, 01. (see more)
Paris. (See more)
Mark Rothko. Black_In_Deep_Red / 1957. (see more)
Ferry passengers crossing the Yangtze, in Wuhan. (See more)
Latent hostility above the sea. From Neist Point on Skye. (see more)
Looking north towards the Pudong skyline from the South Bund, Shanghai. (see more)
“Was it busy?”… “Yeah, quite busy.” (see more)
The Great Wall of China at Jinshanling. (see more)
5,000 year old standing stones at Calanias, on Lewis. (see more)
Fruit shop on Shunchang Road, Shanghai. (see more)
The “immensity of the sea”, from the Casa das Mudas in Calheta, Madeira. (see more)
Flowers, Funchal Botanic Gardens, Madeira, 02. (see more)
Bostadh, on the Isle of Lewis. (see more)
Notre Dame de Paris, from Pont Saint-Michel. (see more)
Looking towards Eriskay, from Cille Bhrighde, South Uist. (see more)
Chair. Terrasse du Bord de l’Eau, Paris. (see more)
Lindisfarne Priory on Holy Island. (see more)
Curral das Freiras from Eira do Serrado in Madeira: The tentative layering of infrastructure and architecture on the landscape. (see more)
The Forbidden City, looking towards the Palace of Heavenly Purity, and Jingshan Hill beyond. Beijing. (see more)
Three minute exposure at 1am. Looking from Kildonan on Arran to the lighthouses on Ailsa Craig (L) and Pladda (R). (see more)
Love / Heart (Paris). (see more)

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