The Indomitable Power of Optimism


In the face of chaos and fury; of aggression and despair, the driving optimism that things can be better has a phenomenal power.

It’s essential to look forward and be positive; to hope that it’s possible to discover and celebrate the tiny moments of joy and beauty which can reinforce the ordinary aspects of our everyday existence with a perpetual sense of wonder.  In that way we might reveal the means to “believe in the ability of the heart to migrate, if only momentarily, between the quotidian and the sublime”1 (RS Thomas).

The Dynamic Stasis project wishes our readers; and their loved ones, a joyous and delightful year in 2018!






1. RS Thomas (1995). From ‘Bird Watching’, published as part of the ‘No Truce with the Furies’ collection. Bloodaxe Books, Northumberland.

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