Three / Six / Five


Exactly one year ago I posted the first essay on this blog – so it seemed appropriate to make a small note to mark the occasion!  As of today, Dynamic Stasis has received 16,254 page views.  There have been 6,417 different visitors to the site, from 129 different countries.

Publishing on Dynamic Stasis has been an interesting and very rewarding exercise – particularly in terms of the broad range of engagement the blog has enjoyed from around the world.  Thanks everyone for your interest and your support – it’s very much appreciated.

Hopefully there’s lots to look forward to, but looking back for a moment…

This piece, which was sparked by reading an essay by Bertrand Russell, was the first thing I wrote with the idea publishing a blog online.  It’s a brief comment on the importance of never assuming that you’re right, and actually anticipating that you’re probably wrong: Reflecting on Russell: Embracing Doubt


This photo-essay, documenting a visit to Paris, has been viewed more than anything else on the blog – 2,130 times: Paris: A Photo-Essay


Most of the items on the site are observational – based on my reading of particular places or buildings.  This essay illustrates a proposal I put together for an ideas competition for building a house, or houses, in the forest (Image credit: Andy Brotchie): The Forest House


And this essay documented a beautiful art gallery in Madeira, which is possibly the best contemporary building I’ve visited. The Casa das Mudas


Thanks again for visiting, and engaging with Dynamic Stasis!


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